About Us

Virtuoso RCM was founded in 2008 by a team of like-minded experts who had more than a decade of experience in Revenue Cycle Management. Our key to success was, not only did we implement billing to be done virtually in-house but we also focused on revenue maximization in all possible ways abiding by the regulations set by the state and federal government.

Today all providers feel that they do not get paid enough for all the effort spent on giving 100 % care to the patients and the time spent on documenting the same. Though most of the providers do manage to get the maximum reimbursement from the insurance, it is still not all that they can get. We specialize in exploring avenues to tap all the extras you can avail from the insurance.


At Virtuoso we have a team not only to research the updates in billing and technology, but also the change in codes, usage of modifiers, coverage guidelines so you are abreast with the happenings. We also train your staff and educate them on the updates and any new technologies we discover to make your office function more effectively.

Our facility and security standards are always set to meet the HIPPA guidelines as we know what your PHI means to you. You can read on our HIPPA statement to find out more.